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Other Makes

Snap On Tool Boxes used

I can offer a wide collection on used Snap On Tool boxes. They are all in very good to excellent Condition. Many Colors are available. Tools are not included. Shipping and Export to any Location available.
Most Boxes are $3,750.00
Tool Wagon $12,900.00
With Top Box $5,250.00

1981 Puma GTI blue

1981 Puma GTI with 24853 Miles. This is not a Kit Car. It has been manufactured by Puma in Brazil and shipped to the US for testing in the early 80’s. Puma wanted to import Cars to the US and this particular GTI was used for Emission testing. Eventually Puma did not get the rights to import due to some other reasons and left their Test Cars behind. It was owned by two collectors prior of me and was well taken care of!
It is very well built and is in excellent condition. The undercarriage is Volkswagen and looks almost like new.

1960 Austin Healey Sprite Bugeye

1960 Austin Healey Sprite, Roadster - Racer. This Bugeye has been modified for Amateur racing... No Windshield, no Convertible Top, with a Tunneau Cover and two small, Chrome and Glass Wind Deflectors.
It has a cool looking, rare vintage Style Headreast! Nice Wood an Aluminum Steering Wheel!
The Engine is a 1.3L out of a later Austin with appx. 65 to possible 70HP. It is fast!! Weber Downdraft 32/36 DGV Carburetor.
The Body is pretty straight with a beautiful Bonnet! The rear end is very straight with only minor corrections. There is some Rust on the Floors.

1945 Willys MB

1945 Willys MB.Very original, correct and detailed, older Restauration. Original Body with Combat Wheels and correct Tires. Original Willys Engine with # 588502.
The Willys runs and drives very well! It always starts easy and idles well. The Clutch and Transmission are in good condition. The Steering and Suspension is tight. Some inperfections in the paint but no Rust nor Blisters anywhere!

1976 Lancia Scorpion

1976 Lancia Scorpion (Montecarlo) in silver and red with a foldable Top. It has been converted to a 2 Liter Fuel Injection Engine with Headers out of a later Lancia Beta. It runs well and is powerful. The Body is very nice and straight. The Interior has been redone and is in great condition. Original Wheels with like new Tires.

1987 Hummer H1 Military

1987 Hummer H1 Military Vehicle in very good condition. 6.2 L Diesel Engine wich runs excellent. The Humvee is in very good over all condition.
An Export to Europe can be arranged.
This Hummer H1 has been sold! Please contact me, I can locate another one!

1982 Ferrari GTSi 44100 Miles, all Service Records

1982 Ferrari 308 GTSi. Documented 44100 Miles. Very well cared for Collector Car with Service Records going back to the early 90s. It has a completely new Interior and two sets of Wheels. The second Set is in Standard Size to accommodate modern Tires. It runs real well and shifts excellent with no issues! It has been repainted many Years ago due to some Road Rash and small Scratches. It has a Quicksilver Stainless Steel Exhaust System with removed Cat. Converters and removed Smog Pump. It gives the Car a nice, throaty Sound and about 25 more Horsepower.