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1969 Fiberfab Jamaican Kit Car Project

05Nov 2019

There a hundreds of Vintage Kit Cars out there, some are Prototypes and some are commercially produced. The majority of it you only find in Magazines or Websites. Rarely you see one at a car Show or driving by! Some are unique, some are super cool and some are Butt ugly.
Many Projects have been given up by their Builders. Some Builders lost Interest, some ran out of Money and for many the Project was just overwhelming and they gave up on it. Quiet often you stumble across an old Project that someone wants to get out of their Garage since it has been taken up Room since Decades.

Mustangs verses Cougar

03Nov 2019

Why is a Cougar cheaper than a Mustang?
It simply is the popularity! But Cougar Prices are on the rise and they are harder to find. They have nicer Taillights and flip up Headlights. In most Cases the Cougar has more Options than a Mustang. Most of them have Disc Brakes, Power Stering and A/C.