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1968 Fiberfab Jamaican

05Nov 2019

There are dozens of Vintage Kit Cars available, and in my opinion the Jamaican by Fiberfab is one of the prettier ones. They were built to accept a VW Beetle, MGA or a big Austin Healery Chassis as well as some V8 engines with a special made Frame. They are created in California (not Jamaica) in the mid 60's. It is a well designed, sturdy built Fiberglass Body with a timeless, classic look. Roomers are that Datsun studied the Jamaican Body and used many Design Aspects as they designed the Z240.

Mustangs verses Cougar

03Nov 2019

Why is a Cougar cheaper than a Mustang?
It simply is the popularity! But Cougar Prices are on the rise and they are harder to find. They have nicer Taillights and flip up Headlights. In most Cases the Cougar has more Options than a Mustang. Most of them have Disc Brakes, Power Stering and A/C.